Founder and CEO of Key Elements Group

At the helm of Key Elements Group, David has an extensive background as a crisis management expert and trusted strategy advisor. Over the last decade he has supported public and private clients in areas including corporate and political campaign management, negotiation, PR and marketing, and capital markets. He has worked with leading multinational brands, high profile individuals, NGOs, and current and former leaders worldwide.

Key Elements is a strategic consultancy trusted by public and private sector clients globally to provide tailored, high-level advice that delivers results.​

Practice Areas

Key Elements Group operates on a wide range of practice areas to give you a 360 degree strategic consultancy solution that will cater to your needs.

Strategic Advisory Services

Our seasoned experts bring peerless international expertise and have guided governments, heads of state, business leaders, public agencies and high profile individuals through some of the most challenging situations to reach favorable outcomes and realize objectives.

Political Campaign Management

We have led many successful campaigns around the world, from presidential elections to international negotiations and shaping policy.

Crisis and Issues Management

Even with the most thorough crisis readiness strategy, there are unprecedented crises that nobody can predict.

Financial and Corporate Communications

How firms communicate with their key audiences dictates their short and long-term success.

Thought Leadership

The most successful campaigns serve to unite, inspire, and uplift.

Digital Strategy

In a fast-evolving digital era, simple web presence is not enough. Digital is a must-have in the most efficacious communications strategies.


Media outlets, companies and brands that we have worked with over the years

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